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Winter 2023: Workshop call for Trainees

The Department of Art Education has received funding from the Ministry of Education of Québec to build capacity for its teacher training program. These funds enable us – amongst other things - to commission work from graduate students to perform design-related projects. In Summer 2023, we would like to mobilize some of these funds to offer a series of workshops to undergraduate students to develop skills related to their competencies as future teachers. We intend to hold these in May and June of 2023, in person, in the ARTE graduate space on the EV 5th floor. Two graduate students in our program, Emma June Huebner and Daniela Fundaro, have offered to manage this project. We are calling on Ph.D. and M.A. students to propose workshop ideas, and we are open to all ideas. The workshops should focus on relevant and cutting-edge art education topics and provide hands-on, practical experiences for participants. For example, Emma is thinking of giving a workshop on digital art education tools, and Daniela is contemplating a workshop on creative mindfulness. The responsibilities of workshop leaders include: Developing and leading a one-hour workshop. Writing a short report summarizing the workshop content and outcomes Providing documentation, such as handouts, slides, and images, to support the workshop and to include in the report. The workshop leaders will be compensated at the current TRAC rates for a total of 30 hours, including the development and preparation of the workshop, the delivery of the workshop, and the preparation of the report and documentation. If you are interested in leading a workshop for our student-teachers, please send us a brief 350-word proposal. Include in your proposal how students can implement your workshop in their practice. The deadline for proposals is 28 February 2023. Please fill out the following form to provide your proposal, bio, and photo. We look forward to receiving your proposals and working with you to support the growth and development of student-teachers in our department.

Sincerely, Vivek Venkatesh, PhD Chair ARTE

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