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Winter 2022: Call Fostering Dialogue

Dear students and faculty of Art Education,

In response to the current military conflict in Europe, the first exhibition of 2022 in the ARTE Langdon Gallery will be about FOSTERING DIALOGUE. We believe that most solutions can be found through mutually respectful dialogue. We believe that dialogue builds good will. We believe in dialogue, period. If you do as well, please join us and participate in FOSTERING DIALOGUE by contributing your art to the exhibit. All ARTE artists, students and Faculty, are welcome.

The exhibition is to be launched in mid-March, so we hope for your prompt response. Please submit your contribution by March 7th.

Any type of work is welcome (traditional media, photography, multimedia, 3D, 2D, work-in-progress, etc.). To send a file or for inquiries contact:

Mariia Kovalevska

Elena Zamkovaya

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