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Fall 2020: Re- An exhibition on unity amidst transition.

Concordia University's ArtEGs Art Collective presented Re- An exhibition on unity amids transition, at L'Hotel Particulier Griffintown, from August 10-17, 2020. The intimate space of Galerie HPG was well suited to feature the collection of art created by this diverse group of artists. The small scaled works revealed various art techniques such as painting, printmaking, collage, photo and digital drawings. The exhibition aimed to communicate how the Covid-19 pandemic has forced each of the artists to re-think, re-locate, re-consider, and even become re-inspired as they go forth in their daily lives. ​ The ArtEGs Art Collective emerged from a group of Art Education Masters and Doctoral students of Concordia University. Its objective is to bring together ideas through on-going discussion and art creation. ​ Participating artists (following the order of the works): Leila Refahi, Shannon Roy, Shaghayegh Darabi, Zoe Compton, Denise A. Olivares, Lucine Serhan, Cristine Vista, Elsy Zavarce, Nancy Long, Fatima Abbasi, Becky Cao.

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