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Jacky Lo

Jacky Lo is a fibre artist and art educator from Vancouver based in Montreal. In his practice he explores the concepts of social and familial connections, memories, and identities as key themes in his art-making. Jacky has a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University and is completing his Master of Art Education at Concordia University.


‘Merging Identities’ is both engaging locally and searching across distance and time - for lost connections histories and new narratives to reconnect with Jacky’s great-grandmother, a master eymbroiderer in China. The embroidered orange lichens on rice paper are call backs to the coastal waters of the Fraser Valley where Jacky was raised and in Iceland where the piece was made. The choice of rice paper is a medium that he often uses in his practice as it acts as a second skin with water, molding to the contours of an object as it becomes moist. Jacky wanted to utilize the properties of rice paper to ground a part of himself to the Icelandic landscape along with his Chinese Canadian heritage. The piece is both durational and performative as he places the work on to the estuary’s sea wall. He then let the rice paper and embroidery decompose and give back to the organisms, nature, and the land, making his mark without disturbance.

Merging Identities, 2022
Video, 1m 16s (still)

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