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Contact Art Education Graduate Student Association


Instagram: @artegs_concordia

Facebook page and private group: ARTEGS -Art Education Graduate Student Association 

Relevant Links

Concordia Art Education Graduate Site: Expectations for the MA and PhD programs, the current courses and relevant links and documents program-related.

Teachers at the Art Education graduate program: Complete list of the teachers in the program, where you can see their research, interests and contact info.

Campus Art Galleries: List of the art galleries that are in Concordia. Each one has different opportunities for students, so keep an eye on them!

ListServ Informations: How to create one, how to inscribe yourself to one and more things that might be useful when facing the problem of ListServ.

Spectrum Research Repository: Find MAs and PhDs Thesis from Art Education.

Fine Arts subject librarians at Concordia: Contact of librarians in Fine Arts Departments.

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