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Call for: Vol. 03, No. 01

Wayfinding: transition and translation

The third issue of the Æ Journal, Wayfinding, reflects on processes of translation and transition in the post-pandemic era of unprecedented environmental and social change. To wayfind as an artist, pedagogue, researcher, or writer is to act as an orienteer– forging pathways towards speculative futures which deviate from the mainstream. Arts practitioners have the unique ability to break down barriers dividing theory and practice, locating novel throughways between the worlds of art and academia. These divergent approaches have the potential to unbind us from predetermined cultural trajectories towards hopeful and chimeric futures.


In volume three of the Æ Journal we invite artists, arts educators and arts-based researchers from the Concordia Fine Arts Graduate community to join in considering how to create inclusive and accessible futures through artistic means. Contributors should consider how themes such as transition, translation, and speculation can act as tools for wayfinding within the context of their community and creative practice. 


The Journal is made possible through the volunteer efforts of the ArtEGs, a representative group of graduate students from the Department of Art Education at Concordia University. Our mission is to bring together ideas about the practices in art creation and pedagogy by sharing student work and to create a liaison between the Department of Art Education and the Fine Arts graduate student body. We aim to foster the involvement of artist scholars in our community, and to provide opportunities to connect with diverse audiences through promoting critical dialogue and art creation. All submissions will be considered by a blind jury made up of ArtEGs executive members.


April 7th, 11:59pm

Please read the format requirements carefully.

Only those submissions meeting the format and deadline requirements will be considered.



  1. Must be a Master’s student, Ph.D. student, or alumni of the Faculty of Fine Arts at Concordia University.

  2. Submit a completed submission form (see attached).

  3. Artwork submissions: Up to 5 images, maximum 100MB, .jpeg file.*

  4. Written submissions: Academic work (research, essays, reflections, commentary, interviews) or creative writing (max 2000 words, .docx file format, APA 7 formatting) Note: all written submissions will be edited and reviewed for accuracy.

  5. Submissions in both English and French are welcome.

  6. All files should be labelled: lastname_name_number.filetype
            (ex. smith_mary_01.jpeg)

  7. Submissions should address the theme of ‘Support Structures’ outlined above.


* For the purposes of print, higher quality photos will be required from accepted submissions.

All submissions will be peer-reviewed and evaluated by a blind jury composed of members of the Concordia Fine Art graduate student body. 


All applicants will be notified of the status of their application by May 12th. 


For more information about the Æ journal or any questions regarding your application please contact us at

Submission form:

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